February 6, 2015

twig & thorn - new collection

Oh friends, I am madly in love with the new collection from Twig&Thorn.  So, I just had to share my favorite new pieces with you all.  As it nears closer and closer to Valentine's Day, I have an inkling there are a few ladies out there that would be more than thrilled to receive something from this lovely shop.  Lulu has simply outdone herself!  Each piece has been carefully designed and handcrafted from natural, one of a kind gems. The universal beauty of each stone represents an understated, earthy and perfectly imperfect love rooted in long-standing tradition.

Take a moment to visit her shop, twigthorn.com and lose yourself in the wonderment and glittering idea of gifting such a rare and unique piece, equally detailed to the woman it will adorn.

amazingly gorgeous, right?!  
i am about to have a gift-asm.  for reals, y'all.

AMAZING UPDATE - Twig&Thorn has gone Hollywood!  
They will be debuting in the Oscar nominee swag bags this weekend.  
How fun is that?!  Now, you can give the look of the stars when you shop twigthorn.com